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Apple Authorized Service Provider

Tyrosys provides a different solution and experience from going to an Apple Retail Store.

Like most people, you probably bought a Mac because they are good and reliable computers. So when something inevitably goes wrong you’re faced with a decision, where to go for service?

We at Tyrosys would like to earn your business!

Tyrosys fixes Mac computers

Working with us is easy, no appointment necessary, and everything is done in our shop.

We understand that when your Mac Computer isn't working it can be stressful. Unlike the Apple Store, we don't require appointments and you get to work directly with the technician completing your repair. Tyrosys provides an easily understandable, accurate, and quick workflow to get your Mac back up and running.

Our published flat-rate Menu of Labor Services:

Commonly Asked Repair and Service Questions (FAQ)

Why choose Tyrosys instead of going to the Apple Store?

  1. Tyrosys works hard to provide great personalized customer service and avoid dealing with the Apple Retail Store's crazy chaos.

  2. Tyrosys can repair your Mac Computer much faster and less invasively than the Apple Store Genius Bar or Apple Repair Mail-in Depot because we do all repairs in our own laboratories and repair the affected components only. We stock commonly replaced parts to expedite the repair process. Even if we have to order a part from Apple, it will quickly arrive usually next business day.

  3. Support your local small business! Tyrosys is independently owned and operated, and has earned special Apple Authorization to service all Apple computers. Fixing Mac computers is our passion and our specialty. We look forward to impressing you with our quality.


What Mac Models do you repair?

We specialize in the repair, service, and upgrade all generations of Mac Computers including:

Apple Desktop Models: iMac, Mac Mini, iMac Pro, Mac Pro, and PowerMac

Apple Portable Models: MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iBook, and PowerBook

Apple Server Models: Mac Mini Server, Mac Pro Server, PowerMac Server, and Xserve

** Please note that models older than 7-years are classified as Vintage (VIN) or Obsolete (OBO) by Apple. We cannot source new genuine parts from Apple on those models which are VIN or OBO. Certain parts may be available used, tested-good, rebuilt, or third-party equivalent.


Tyrosys does not service iPhone, iPod, HomePod, or Watch hardware. iPad hardware is whole unit replacement ONLY.


What kinds of repair services does Tyrosys offer?

Broken Display Repairs

Depending on the model, we can replace the bare LCD panel itself or the display module as a whole. Retina MacBook Pros always require whole clamshell replacement. After inspecting the scope of damage, we can provide a written quotation for repair.

Hard Drive and Memory Upgrades, Data Recovery Services

Tyrosys offers quality high performance upgrades for your Mac computer or server. Our competitively priced upgrades feature flat-rate labor, data migration, and Apple Service Diagnostic testing. Tyrosys is also an Other World Computing (OWC) Reseller and we specialize in installing OWC Solid State Drives (SSD), Memory, and other custom solutions. Tyrosys can perform data recovery on software damaged drives. For drives that are physically failing, we partner with Drive Savers out in California for clean room data recovery and our customers enjoy a 10% discount for their services. Please contact us for more details on our many services to learn more.

Software Upgrade, Troubleshooting, and Maintenance

Tyrosys can help you upgrade your Mac from an older Operating System, a specific macOS for your unique needs, configure Boot Camp, or a Parallels Virtual Machine. We can rid your Mac of bloatware or malware popups. We have flat-rate pricing on many of our software repair services and can provide same or next day service in many cases. Also it is important to every 12 to 15 months bring your Mac in for regular software and hardware maintenance, and we charge a flat $85 for this service.


How long will I be without my Mac Computer?

In most cases, we can have your machine repaired within one or two business days. Part availability and shipping time is the primary factor in repair completion time. We do offer a premium expedited service for an additional $160.00 that bumps you to the front of the repair queue and/or gives priority appointment based pickup on a Saturday or a Monday.

What does AppleCare Hardware Warranty mean?

All new Mac computers feature a one-year Apple Limited Warranty and within that year an owner can purchase an additional two years of coverage with the AppleCare Protection Plan. These warranty coverages cover the cost of parts and our labor to complete the repair. Apple does not pay Tyrosys for the cost of troubleshooting your Mac or for any software repair. Sometimes extended diagnostic fees will apply, usually related to software troubleshooting or tracing intermittent issues.

What is Accidental Damage?

Common examples are cracked displays, drop damage, missing screws, or liquid spills. We offer competitive pricing on Mac repairs and being an Apple Authorized Service Provider we use Genuine Apple hardware components. Accidental damage voids your Apple Warranty until the affected components are repaired by an Apple Authorized Service Provider or Apple Authorized Repair Depot.


Still have questions?


We're friendly people and love to teach. Call or come by during our office during business hours and we will be happy to help you!

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