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Popular Mac Tutoring Courses:

Mac Switcher

With all the excitement surrounding the Apple brand lately, many people are buying their first Mac after many years using a Windows PC. This course will focus on teaching the translated differences between platforms, how to migrate files between Windows and Mac, and learning the core Mac functions.

New to Mac

Are you new to computers in general? We can help you get up to speed. Our instructors are patient and excellent in translating all the geek-speak into regular plain English terms. This course focuses on understanding the core functions of a Mac computer. We’ll explore how to get on the Internet, load pictures off of a digital camera, and write an email to a friend.

Creative Overview

The new suite of Apple applications includes Photos, iMovie, Pages, and Cloud Services. We will also explore Adobe Creative Cloud and help weigh if its right for you. This course we’ll explore the functions of each application and how to get the most from them.

Photos In-depth

With Yosemite Apple released an all new photography application named Photos. This new application replaces iPhoto to provide photo storage, editing, and sharing all within the application. In this course we will explore all of the many features and functions Photos has to offer. Also along the way we’ll share best-practices to get the best results from your pictures.

iMovie or Final Cut Pro Quickstart

Today its never been easier to shoot a video and create a presentable movie. iMovie provides a simple and powerful set of tools to import, organize, and edit your movies so that you can quickly share them on DVD, YouTube, or by QuickTime video. We’ll explore best practices, along with basic and advanced editing techniques.

Virtual Machine Setup and Boot Camp Basics

Did you know that you can run Microsoft Windows on your Mac?
Since 2006, Mac computers have Intel processors which enable them to run both the Mac OS and Windows. In this course we’ll teach you how to configure your Mac to run Windows, and the advantages of a Virtual Machine versus Apple Boot Camp. Additionally we’ll configure a virtual machine, install Microsoft Windows, and teach best-practices along the way.

Training Packages

Find a training package that fits your style. Short class sessions or long ones, even single adhoc —we've got something for everyone!

Our pre-paid class package prices are bundled to provide you extra value and save versus taking single adhoc classes.

Single adhoc classes or consultations are $49 for 30-minute, $85 for 1-hour, or $125 for 90-minutes.

Mac Lessons at Your Pace

With all the amazing things a Mac can do, we can help teach you how get the most out of owning one. Our lessons are customized to you, never scripted. So, what would you like to learn today?

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